How important is BBC in interracial couple?

How important is BBC in interracial couple?

How important is BBC in interracial couple?
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I think this is hilarious. Skip to 4:46


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  • Very important..


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What Girls Said 2

  • BBC is too much important.
    I have made a relationship with black guy for it and we are both happy.

    • what about BWC?

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    • i dont think anyone has lol

    • @vald9inches yes

  • not a fan of BBC...


What Guys Said 4

  • The stereotype can definitely be harmful with a woman whose sexual fantasies supercede their attraction to an individual based on other characteristics. Averages have been shown (particularly in the largest, most recent and scientific study) to be steady across racial lines, at 5.16 inches in length, and 4.59 inches in girth. I know that a lot of black men are insecure about not exhibiting the characteristics of the sexualized mandingo. I don't envy that position, since other men are already worried about measuring up without those expectations.

    Another recent study presented women with cylinders of various sizes, who were then asked to pick the one that was ideal for a long-term partner, as well as the one that was ideal for a one-night stand.
    The average ideals were 6.3"x4.8" and 6.4"x5.0", respectively. This does imply that women are visually attracted to penises that are above average in both length and girth - but not by nearly as much as men think. Even the women likely wouldn't have estimated these cylinders to be the dimensions that they chose.
    And even then, it's important to remember that these women were asked to choose a disembodied body part. Would you really rate your satisfaction in a relationship, or even in bed, based upon the dimensions of your partner's sex organs?
    Probably not.
    Women are, on average, no different. Everything else is significantly more important as a whole, and this is no different in an interracial couple involving a black male.

    But yeah, someone's looking for that in particular. They're sexualizing someone based on race and adherence to a particular fetish, and that's... Kinda unhealthy in a relationship. Might be hot, if you fit the bill, but really not ideal as a notable factor in a long-term coupling.

    Good luck out there, my dude.

  • I think it depends on the couple. I've known some women who definitely went for it but I've also known women who just happened to date black guys because they were awesome guys and they got along well, ie a normal relationship :P

    The other side of it is while black guys are more hung on average there is definitely still a range so you can't just assume someone's cock size based solely on their race. I've known horsecocked Asians and cocktail weenied black guys over the years so there really are exceptions to every rule.

  • lol why black men always fantasy about white women

  • Big black pussy is a thing now so yeah it’s important.


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