What a new problem I can't talk with girls?

Ok, I can talk to girls just fine but what I can't do is ask them out, tell them I like them(or think there pretty which they are) or really think properly when the girl I like is around me.

so my question to all the lovely girls and cools guys is how do I tell a girl I like her?

um also what would I say in this note?


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  • if is hard to tell her why don't you write it down. no texting, but in a piece of paper.=)


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  • put her name,.( well it depends in how much you really like her.don't go giving out notes just because you think a girl is hot, is not fare for our little heart).be straigh , the simple , the best .if you're a shy guy.write something like.would you like to go out with me? .and if she is serious about you, she is not gonna be showing your note or making fun of it.if she is one of those ,probably she'll be the one asking out.


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  • note is a good idea, although I guess the risk is it could become "evidence" :P

    i'd suggest not getting too flowery & not being too effusive with your language ("i will love you forever" etc)

    writing things down might also help you work out exactly what you like about her & exactly what you'd like from her.

    here's a really simple example: "hi Jen, I've seen you around & you seem really nice*. would you like to hang out some time?"

    that's enough to send a clear message that you're interested without hanging yourself too far out. if she flings it back in your face (kids,eh?) then you know she's just being immature & move on.

    good luck

    * now I've used the word "nice", but then I'm pretty old compared to most of the folk here & this may suck as a word to use in this situation. "hot" seems wrong to me, "cool" seems odd too, but feel free to insert the appropriate adjective :P

  • Be nonchalant in your requests and sincere in your compliments. If you like the way a girl looks and it's not inappropriate to say so, then tell her! Smile and don't be creepy. Just be like "I'm going out to do (x) later. Want to come along?" Don't linger around and don't make a big deal of it. It's really that simple.

    If you want to compliment a girl who is in a group without making her uncomfortable or being creepy, give the compliment with the greating and don't let it be the last thing you say.

    walk up

    "hey guys! Jill, nice shoes! What's up? we going to the game tonight?"

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