How do I make him like me and date me?

So basically there is a super hot guy in my building who also attends college where I work. He’s a couple years older than me but I think he lives alone. He isn’t married for sure. Anyways I run into him in the elevator sometimes because our schedules match up on certain days. He seems really friendly when I see him and always smiles. It took me three times riding the elevator with him to even be able to talk to him though cause he is so attractive and I’m shy. I just don’t know how to make him like me as we only see each other in small spurts. He also sometimes has a girl with him but she doesn’t live in our building. I just want to get to know him and I’d love to date him if I could. So far he’s only seen me when I’ve looked like shit (post gym, doing my laundry, in lounge wear, etc) he never sees me when I’m looking good. I haven’t tried to get anyone to like me in two years and haven’t really dated in two years either so I’m rusty. Oh also we always park beside each other in our parking lot.


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