I feel like I am going to ruin my relationship?

For some reason, I just started to become really insecure with my boyfriend. We have been dating for 6 months now. I got upset a few times when he would omit information from me (i. e., girls would be at a hangout he is at). I had a talk with him about how I didn’t like it. And then, things just became distant then between us. Also, i stupidly checked through his phone (he gave me his password), and I found something, I told him. Turns out that it was a misunderstanding. He didn’t get mad. He tried to understand why I did it. He said there’s a reason he gave me his password.

Anyways. I am starting to get really insecure and feel like my boyfriend doesn’t like me or care about me. Even though he tells me all the time how pretty he thinks I am, and how much he likes me. I just feel like disconnected and distant from him. I hate feeling this way. I’m not sure he even notices it. Or maybe he does. I just know he doesn’t act the way he used to with me. I feel he is more closed off.


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  • If she looks at you like this then she's horny about you:

  • has he given you any reason to be insecure?

    • no, except omitting that girls will be around some place. But, we talked about., I just feel that he is becoming more distant with me ;/

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    • Maybe time away is good.

    • yeah it could heal your relationship or allow you to decide what the next step could be
      I hope you get the results you want and the answers you need though

      and if you ever want to discuss this matter on less public way feel free to pm me anytime

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