Is it true that some people are meant to be single and lonely even if they try everything they can to get a girlfriend or BF?

Because I feel like that is supposed to be me considering I have been called ugly, I dress nice and have no success even after people told me that dressing nice makes people more attractive, and I have minimal success on the dating apps I have tried like Tinder and POF.


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  • There are some people out there who are probably better off just being single. The thing about relationships is that you have to give some control of yourself to someone else, and at the same time, that person also has to give some control of themselves to you. There are people out there who are just too insecure to do that, and prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

    As far as being ugly, yeah, that's me. I used to get called ugly, or get called 'fairy boy', or something like that. I didn't even HAVE a girlfriend until I was about 25. Not doing well in relationships wasn't really a big deal to me, as I had bigger issues to work out, like not being so withdrawn, growing up, learning and doing things, and breaking out of a lot of shells.

    You're 18, so you have years to figure all that shit out. Don't worry.

  • No I don't believe that at all.


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