Boyfriend and his friends?

My new boyfriend is a part of a hard leftist group and this group has 10-20 people who are all friends with each other.

They hang out in groups and think of themselves as student activists and his ex friends with benefits thought of herself as a snobby student activist lol.

These people only had 1 job and that was to either demonstrate or protest at the university or find cafes/places where they can go and protest.

I really dont like any of those people as I think they are really shallow when it comes to friendships or relationships, extremely judgmental, highly immature and they always bring politics to even regular conversations.

1 of his mate has been suspended for violence as well. And except for my boyfriend who graduated last year, none of them have any proper jobs.

I dont know how deep my bf's relationships are with his friends but I have felt it to be quite superficial and lacking in genuineness.

Is this worth it? Do such people who are always in groups of 10 or even more with no sense of genuineness good for long term relationships? Or they just want attention and want to act high and mighty?


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  • Some believe in the cause, others do it to feel special and powerful.


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