Do you ever just want a boyfriend or girlfriend just really badly, and you obsess over the idea of not being lonely anymore?


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  • It's unhealthy. You end up using someone just to satisfy your needs. Aside from that, you might be romanticizing the idea of a relationship which again will lead you to use someone because it's less about the person you're with and more that you're with SOME one. Some use for sex, you'd use for emotional needs. It's really not that different.


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  • Yes kinda I’m sorta in that situation with this girl I like but is my sisters friend, could u help me with mine

    • Sure. Explain the situation more so I can get a better understanding.

    • Just go to my account

    • I think the age gap... is a little weird for starters. A girl can just touch your arm, it’s no biggie. Or it can be a way of flirting so there is no exact way to tell. You don’t always have to follow your feeling, especially in a situation like this where it’s a two second thing. Crushes like this come and go been there done that. She probably looks at you as her best friend older annoying brother. I wouldn’t make a move, she could be flirting. And even if she was, 14 and 17 is well... strange. In one year you will be 18 and she will be 15. That’s pretty odd. Overall, she could or could not be. Don’t make a move, you never know. It could hurt your sisters feels and you do not want to jeopardize that relationship.

  • Yeah i know to there's this girl i like her but i dont know if the feeling mutual

    • Can you help me know how should i know if she likes me?

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    • Okay sounds good. I hope she likes you back!

    • thanks i hope so to

  • Yeah all the time


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