Why would you ghost someone?

Play a devils advocate a little. Why would you ghost someone? If you wouldn't or can't fathom a scenario in which you would, don't answer. I have no use for you. This is intended to get an idea of what someone might be thinking when they ghost. Personally, I'd ghost someone who I wasn't seeing seriously for a short time and I didn't want to go through a whole process. Which has happened to me before. The fallout was longer than the time we dated. What about you? Why would you ghost someone?


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  • Because theyy are annoying and too stupid to understand that I'm trying to stop contacting them in a nice way.


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  • I only ghost people who are trying to manipulate me, lying to me , or If i no longer trust them , for whatever reason. Some people don't deserve an explanation why I no longer want them in my life.

    I'll also ghost people who start to display signs of being deranged or psychotic

  • thats a creepy pic to use

    • You don't like Boos? I could have used a supposedly real ghost but I'm not about to get paranormal out here.

  • I don't believe ghost


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