How can I get along with him if he refused me?

He is my supervisor. We are in same company for almost one year. Both of us are single. He always consulted me professional questions because I am more experienced than him.

I have been attracted by him since 6 months before. We are getting more closer recently.

He always went out for lunch with me and only two of us for almost one month. And we talked a lot. He told me something about his friends, his family and his pass.

And if he had something need to do and couldn't go with me, he always told me in advance. Sometime we pay the bill in turn. But he always picked the expensive one.

But he usually won't contact me in weekend. We only hanged out once in the weekend and I was the one who asked.

I am thinking of tell him what I am feeling. But I feel there is a big chance he refuses me.

My problem is what I am going to do if he refused me?

I can't go lunch with him anymore. Because it will make me painful. He is a good person. Should I keep distance with him?

What usually happened when you was refused by your good friend? Can you two still be good friends? For me, it seems impossible.


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  • He's not contacting you in the weekend because he's got some primary plan and you're the secondary plan. Maybe he's dating other girls or hanging out with guy friends on the weekend (or maybe he's a homo).

    I wouldn't really tell him how you feel, because there's no point in ruining a good friendship. You should just gauge his interest subtly and keep your distance. ONLY if it looks like he's into you do you go further.

    • I think he is not a homo. He used to mention his exgf twice when I was asking some questions.

      Actually I almost knew all he did in weekend. Because he usually asked me about my weekend plan on every Friday so I asked back. Also he told me what he did in the weekend on Monday.

      Mostly he met his friends and jion their party because he was born in this city and has a lot of friends here. I don't know whether he is seeing other girls. But I never heard any suspicious calls in weekdays.

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    • Yes, try. Merry Christmas!

    • Just confirmed he only want to be a good friend of me. And now he is seeing someone.

      I still want to be his friend. But it's difficult to me to know things about them and see them be together. I am going to find another better job then it's easier to be friends.

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