The Modern dating scene... What's your opinion of it?

Since I am single again, and I know nothing of non 20th century dating, I decided to do a research project into 21st century online dating sites and apps, etc on my laptop, and on my phone... multiple websites. The Conclusion I have come to is that it is a gigantic shit sandwish that I am glad to have avoided. Catfishers, Spam Bots, sweetheart scams, lottery scams, fraudsters and cons are 98% of what I found. What a complete waste and a total load of shit. I think I'll stick to my tried and true 20th century dating methods of going out and meeting people and hanging out in person... this in my estimation, is still the best and most effective way. Press the flesh, people.
This is my opinion of 21st century digital dating.
I would love to hear what the rest of you G@Gers think of it?


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  • You can be cynical or you can sift through the bullshit.

    • it's not so much cynicism as it is doing things the old way I grew up with is tried and true and suits me just fine... Sifting through the chaos and nonsense works for some folks. I get that.
      I'm too old for bullshit. I just don't care to waste my time like that.

  • at least it's not for me.


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