Should we have a relationship talk over the phone or in person?

I've been dating this guy for about two months and we're long distance (70 miles so not that far). When we started talking online he was kinda against long distance but we agreed on seeing where it goes. We've seen each other only 2 times (spend the whole day together) and we had sex the first time. The reason why we didn't go on more dates is because we both had busy schedule (him studying and me going on business trips, but I agree we could've make more effort. I think he does like me a lot but is holding back because of the distance thing. We talk every day on the phone for hours, we have video calls sometimes too and our conversations are deep and sweet, I have never ever in my life connected with someone like that. So I pretty much fell in love and I feel that we need to talk about that. Mostly because I'm not okay with him sleeping with others too (not that I know of but just saying). And I want to know what he thinks about it. I don't want to continue this if he still doesn't know if what he wants, not when my feelings are invested. We will see each other next weekend, so should I wait til then to talk or talk it on the phone? I would like it more in person but there's a chance we will end it and then it would suck to just travel back home right away.


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  • If you want to try and salvage the relationship it would be best to talk in person. It would suck going him right away, but at least when you arrive home you'll have peace of mind knowing you tried your best to salvage what you had

    If you talk on the phone and it ends, you'll always wonder if you'd talked in person that it may have worked out for you both

  • In person is better, eye to eye communication is the key.
    You can tell whether he lie or not


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