Is there potential here or does he just want sex?

Brief story i really like this guy but i dont know what he wants as im getting mixed signals. I think he knows i like him as i said to his bestfriend when i was drunk and he sent a snap of me to him. Awkward.

Anyway reasons why i feel this way-

- if i see him out he would talk to me and we possibly would kiss.
- his actions showed that he liked me by kissing me a lot and squeezing my bum aha
- likes all my pictures on facebook.
- recently he didn't like my recent picture at a wedding which upset me abit but i was shocked to find out it was a heart reaction instead. Made me so smiley the rest of the day.
- the day after he send an indirect video snap and I sent back “wua” and he was more chatty which was good. We never really talk over text which is why i dont understand the sudden change. We have now talked three days in a row which is strange as sometimes he is hard to talk to.
Yesterday for example he asked me how uni was going. I showed him my uni ID card as i was happy with my photo and he said “yeah that is mint lol “
and yesterday telling me how he thought he hit a car ( he drives a lorry)

The past three days we would talk at night aswell.
He usually falls asleep when we text because he gets up early. So last night i was talking to him and i sent a video snap of music in the background. He responded the next day with the same thing and driving. I just ignored as there was no message. Earlier on today i sent a video of my dog as i was wakening him but he ignored me so i dont know if i should bother with the streak. It sounds childish but if i want to talk to him it has to be there at some stage.
I just dont know what he wants im i just a friend or what.

The snapchat streak means we would have to talk everyday so i dont know if that would ruin my chances with him, thats even if i have a chance!

The last thing i want is to be used so i already make my intentions clear if he does try to hint at something.


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  • I get what you say about those mixed signals. I shouldn't worry about the streak, that doesn't tell anything. If you want to know if he really likes you, you should talk to him in person more often. And see where you conversations are about. Try to flirt with him and look for his reaction. Try to build a real connection with him. I think he has to like you in some way, otherwise he wouldn't have kissed you. But, now you need to see if he's also interested in your life (friend, family, hobbies). So, go on dates!

    • Thats the hard part i barely see him in person. I dont even know if he wants to go on dates as none of us has mentioned it and he doesn't seem interested as he hasn't spoke at all today

    • If you feel like he's not interested, why would you want anything more from him. I'm not judging, but I wouldn't want to be with someone who's not interested in me.

    • I dont know whats going on i just have real liking to him

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