If your fiancé was texting, flirting, sexting his ex prior to him proposing wouldn’t you expect him to tell her that he’s engaged as well?

Like if he can take the time out to text her things he shouldn’t two months ago, then this would be the perfect time to tell her he’s engaged as well and dedicated to me now and the texting before won’t Happen again.


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  • Actually, I would expect you to have broken up with him instead of worrying about what he is going to tell his ex. This guy is not sincere and will probably not be faithful. You really think he is The One for the rest of your life. a good role model for your sons, and the guy who will stand by you if you get some serious illness five years from now?

    • I don't know i’m Happy he proposed but my friends keep telling me I was crazy for saying yes but I figured he loved me enough to propose and that maybe those messages meant nothing.

    • Proposing does not mean that he loves you. Ignoring the obvious warning signs will make you responsible for the unhappiness that ensues. If you do marry this guy, do not have children for a few years. This will probably end in divorce and having children will make a mess of things for everyone.

  • Texting, flirting, sexting.. it's obvious what's gonna happen next, i wouldn't stay with this guy if i were you


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