Am I getting charged too much for digs at my boyfriends?

I used to get charged £30 a week at my mums without needing to pay for food or anything towards the house last year. I have just recently been asked to pay £10 a week at my boyfriends just to contribute towards paying for the house. At my boyfriends I pay for all me and his food, help out around the house, and do my own things aside from the washing. I have just recently purchased my first car and I’m now asked to pay £20 a week, on top of that I’ll still need to pay for my own food etc. Is this too much? Should I speak to his parents
I get paid £100 a week, meaning I would have near to nothing left


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What Guys Said 1

  • And tell them what 20 pounds is nothing by way of rent how would u word it off to seem they are being unreasonable

    • Like this comes off as crazy spoiled if u don't wanna pay don't stay over there house

    • Then simply put you are trying to live a lifestyle u can't afford again if they told you you have to pay it what are u gonna say no and not be allowed back

What Girls Said 2

  • Thats nothing. Fair would be if you had to pay a fair share of rent (depending on how big your room is and how many people live in the house) plus water and all that. And of course you need to buy your own food. It's generous enough they let you live thete

    • But they aren't your parents. They aren't obligated to you in any way. If that's what they want to charge, it's their rigth to do so. You could still go back to your parents if it's to much.

  • Erm, anything up to £100 is cheap as fuck anyway, so I don't really see why you're complaining? AND it's still cheaper than your mums, and it seems right you should pay for what you eat in comparison.


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