Should I keep trying with this Guy?

So there's this guy that I meet when I was a teenager, and we lost touch because he lived in another state. However 5 years later we ran into each other at the same university. We met in the fall and he was super flirtatious with me. Walking me to my car, inviting me to do stuff with him and doing the whole flirting body language. I confronted him some point about why he hasn't taken me on a date yet. (in a playful way) And he was like we've already gone on tons of dates. (he counted any time it was just us two as a date :/) Anyway the last time I saw him before summer I helped him clean up his flat and he came up behind me and gave me a hug whilst I was doing the dishes (that's not a just friends thing right?) He went back home and we called each other a few times during the summer. School starts and my roommates insisted we go on a group date. I ask him, we had a great time and he was super flirtatious in body language, and at the end of the evening I confronted him about all of this. He told me we were just friends and he wants to date around. He told me he was down to go on another date too and likes being around me. Also, apparently he's waiting for another girl to come back from over seas too. He said he hasn't received any need to get into a relationship right now.
I don't know what to do about this guy, he's someone I admire a lot and I'm not sure if I should keep pursuing him or if he even still interested in me.


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  • I can see it from both sides. At least he is being honest. Many men feel pressured to commit to a relationship before marriage only to get dumped or cheated on YEARS later. From that perspective, committing before engagement is very foolish!

    This isn't the social norm though. Most people expect a show of faith by being faithful before a true commitment of marriage is established. I say do the same. Keep him, but date others.


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