Would you say MGTOW philosophies are a bunch of lies or are they actually the truth of today's dating generation?

For me, MGTOW provided me a lot of insight with why women do what they do and it's crazy but is it true?

It feels like it but others would claim that these people are just hate and bitterness but if I go asking them for advices about dating and such, they continue to tell me lies about just being "nice" and "happy" and then I attract all sorts of bad things in my life with girls with huge burdens and wanting to manipulate and toy with my emotions.

MGTOW tells me why they do it and it makes sense but then again people would claim that these are lies.


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  • They certainly aren’t the truth of real life dating anyway.

    • So if I were to ask you: Why do several women that I talk or Attract , why do they give me such a depressing attitude with complaining, always seem out of energy, don't have anything to have a delightful conversation...

      Usually, when I ask other people about this they directly blame me for their behavior, but all I tell them is just what they tell me is just being nice, polite, and a listener. Yet, people will negatively assume that I am doing something wrong to them and I am the blame for all their bad negativity

      It puts me down and makes me feel bad and negative myself and these same type of women dont want to hang around me no more because I am unhappy with myself for being blamed for all their troubles.

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    • Also when I try such as online dating to find potiential partners they dont like common introductions such as hi and so on. They will straight up ignore me and put me to work for them.

      SJWs want me to be their "Yes man" for their philosophies and keep me on a leash to their ruling of life.

      Couple of my mistakes are being too picky because all the places I go do, I attract young women who are like 7 to 10 years younger than I am and full of immaturity where I just feel like a dad taking care of a child so I do treat these type of people stand-offish attitude when they try to get romantic on me.

    • Oh ok, I wrote a message while you sent me one back, but okay thnx

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  • So while their individual observations are sometimes true, the problem becomes when you take a few bad experiences and say all women or all men are like that. The reality is every individual is different and that treating them like they all are the same is just self defeating because you're ruling out 50% of humanity by doing that essentially.

    Basically I think holding that philosophy will make you see those things in women because its what you are focusing on. Holding a more positive philosophy will lead to seeing more positivity from women, I suspect a lot of that is because you tend to be nicer to them when you don't think they are deceitful witches :P

    • Perspectives are very interesting that way, as its interesting to try to figure out what their experience was that lead them to that belief and then to try to see where something could have steered it differently. Sometimes knowing that can help them, most I've met seem to be pretty obstinate in their beliefs though.

      Honestly I just think they are a bunch of sore losers who are having trouble handling rejection when it doesn't fit their overinflated self image of themselves.

    • I see your point, this is pretty good

  • Some of the Manosphere stuff is good if it opens the eyes of men to the pitfalls of marriage when they have a decent to high income, especially under current no-fault divorce laws, but most of MGTOW is just bitter INCELs and whiny dudes who got heartbroken by a girl and now want to broadbrush every female on the planet with their bitterness. Their "All Women Are Like That" motto is just the flip side of the Feminazi's "All men are rapists." B. S. People are individuals, not Borgs in a collective.


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