Have you had A guy who asked for your number and you rejected him. Only after a few days later you went back and asked for his instead?

I took the courage to ask for my crush’s number, she got frightened off. She was totally nervous and said she needed to attend to something.

Couple of hours later, bumped into her in the hallway. She was on all smiles and even greeted me. I didn’t think too much of it as I thought she was just being civil. When we knocked off we bumped into each other at the locker again. This time she and her friend were teasing me big time. They were singing “let’s wait for the handsome man behind us”. Purposely walking slowly for me to catch up.
 I was confused as I thought she would react differently like avoiding me and stuff like that but instead I was teased.
Following week with my mind set to move on from her, I was minding my own business with another Friend of mine and she suddenly SCREAMED out to me. Needless to say I was scared shitless. She then asked if she could have my number instead. Why would she do that?


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  • Could just be a game, or Maybe she decided to give you a spin and see what you're like.

  • Shen changed her mind now stop complaining

  • she changed her mind. lo


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