Girl I liked was acting nice and then hates me after she refuses to go out on a date with me, I'm confused and don't know what to do?

I have put myself in a really shitty situation.. I think?

I had a crush on this girl since I first met her at work unfortunately as it took me 7 months to actually ask her out because I was always slightly awkward around her and I'm thinking that the reason why she hates me is because I would look at her a lot (not as in staring but would try and catch a glimpse whenever I could) but I didn't mean to come across as creepy and I'm starting to think I did.

When I did ask her out she was actually pretty nice about it she told me she was seeing someone and that she would message me for a drink if things change and I knew she didn't really mean it at the time but I thought it was nice of her to say it as I thought she was just letting me down nicely.

I took it fine, accepted as it is and was more than happy to move on with my life. Now I expected it to be awkward after a couple of days which it was and things seem to be going okay we could have small talk in the kitchen or something and that would be it.

Then 2 weeks ago she starts being cold with me and during this time I see a post on Facebook book about how 'she would of been better off staying at home on the day she met me.'

And now it has given me me some complex and I can't figure out what I have done wrong and I want to talk to her about it but I don't want to be classified as some creep and lose my job and on the other hand I think she is talking about me to my co-workers as well.

Sorry for being long winded and ill finish off with this. Is she trying to make me feel guilty for having feelings for her or something or is this some fucked up test that girls do to guys just to try and fuck with our heads? I just want to be left alone now and really don't want anything to do with her but at the same time not knowing is killing me and making me feel like shit most days.

Any response would be appreciated as you have read through all of that and if anyone has had experience in this field then please do share.


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  • How did she actually say she is seeing someone? bc I think she wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. This is really applicable if it's a polite girl.
    And yes, if you're looking at her a lot she will notice. For most girls it comes across as a little creepy bc you're only looking and not doing anything else. This way she thinks 'What does he want from me?' It would be better if a guy looks at you and then smiles/talk to you/or waving you over.


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