Do you forget to respond to peoples texts?

My boyfriend forgot to respond to my text. Should I be worried that he doesn't like me anymore or is he just a crappy texter?


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  • All the time. Women treat texting like it's life or death. I'll get to it if and when I feel like it

    • I shouldn't be worried then if I asked to hang out with him and he forgot to respond?

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  • I never respond unless it is an emergency type situation. If you really want to talk to me that badly give me a phone call and if my phone is turned on at the time I will answer if I have the time or come see me.

  • I hate this habit of people. Like seriously at least say you are busy. Same thing on important assignments and projects. When they get a taste of their own medicine they start whining

  • It could go either way. I personally have explicit conversations with significant others about phone contact expectations, which might be worth it if it's concerning you.


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