Old flirting turned up again and wants to be friends with benifits?

A guy I was flirting with like a year ago and stopped talking suddenly popped up again and were hitting it off but he wants to be friends with benifits and I thought he was just flirting at first but now I'm not sure cause I never had sex and he assumed I had and thinks I'm some sex pert? And I'm not sure if I wanna meet him tomorrow or what to do


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  • it honestly depends on what you want. it sounds like you kind of want to but not entirely sure about it

    • I kinda do but I don't want to be bad or look or do something wrong

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    • I don't have confidence and I don't think I'm beautiful but I usually fake confidence sooo

    • fake it till you make it! <3

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  • If he thinks you as some sex pert, make sure his intentions are positive. And because you're still a virgin, do you want to loose it now with the guy? And Is he ok with you being a virgin?

    • He doesn't know I am, he assumed I've had sex like once before when I made a joke about it, he has been really nice about it all but a little pushy but that like him?

    • If he has been really nice and you really can go along with the friends with benefits relationship with him despite of you being a virgin, then I guess give it a try. Make sure not to fall for him if you dont want a serious relationship

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  • Ask your parents.

    • What

    • That's kinda rude if you mean it that what

  • Under 18? Ask your mommy. ;)

    • 61? Find something else to do 😉

    • You don't get to make the rules.
      A child on an adult forum? You go away and come back when you turn 18.
      Go ask your mommy. LOL

  • You do what you want.


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  • Babe... my honest opinion... don't do it, you don't seem ready. Believe in yourself :) you deserve more than to be friends with benefits with a guy


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