Open relationship or ending it to date other girls?

Hey, I’m dealing with a problem for a month or more already.

A terrible girl dumped me six months into the relationship after I gave her a second chance, she cheated, (knowing she would act again) and I felt really bad. I started dating girls and all to distract myself. Girls I met, friends, Tinder and what not.

Then in Tinder, yes, I met my girlfriend of 9 months. She has to be one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met without being a “good girl”. She is my friend first and foremost and I can tell she cares a lot about me. The relationship can get boring at times due to work and routine, but it’s not a problem. We can fight sometimes and when I’m stressed out over work or money I can be easily annoyed and bitchy, but we always work it out.

My issue is not her, our relationship is healthy and we love each other.

The thing is I, for one reason or another, never had sex with many different girls, just the two of them (my gfs) and I really want to. I would love to hang out too with other women just to learn a bit and meet more people. It really would hurt me to make my girlfriend feel bad or guilty about this, and I’m not the kind to just tell her we need some time and come back to her when I realize it’s not that easy to date beautiful women.
It’s just that sometimes the little demon on my shoulder tells me I should talk to that random girl at a party or work, rail the brains out of her and never talk again. Or who knows? Maybe take her to the movies next week.

I feel life goes by and now is the moment to do these things.

Really, what should I do? Please don’t judge me or tell me I wouldn’t consider this if I really loved her and all that bull.

Break up and stay friends? Or try and have an open relationship?

She’s 20, I’m 25.


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What Girls Said 1

  • if you're so sure that you'll meet another one like her and have the same kind of relationship with another girl, go and experiment. Don't cheat, break up with her and have your sexcapades so you won't have the "I wish I had done this" thing. But be sure that you won't regret the decision of breaking up with her when your imagination didn't turn into reality.


What Guys Said 2

  • If you feel you don't grow up with your lady well you're to pick another one. There can be many reasons: she's boring or she's wasting your time or she isn't good enough for you. She may also be from another social class like she's aristocratic and you're a worker or vice versa.

    The conflict may happen when you try to develop and she cannot. Like you try to learn new languages, move to another country and take her with you and she doesn't want to leave her home town or similar. The vice versa may also happen.

    So if you aren't compatible that way, well it's time for you to part ways.

    In case of cheating during relationships, everybody f.. cking do that. Just few of them have got balls to break up before doing that. So if you're fine with that, just do it and never say a word to anyone.

  • Dont even think about it. get off gag right this moment. and say sorry to your girl for even considering this.


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