Girl I'm talking to isn't receiving texts, and I have no idea which ones are making it through and which aren't?

We met on a dating app, we initially were having issues with messages not going through. I got her number hoping that it was just an issue with the app, and it was still happening over text. I am pretty sure it's not her ignoring messages, because she would respond to the first and third message, but not the second for example. And it's random when it happens. She told me her phone has been acting up lately.

For a while I thought she was ignoring me, and it also sounds like she thought I was ignoring her. I asked to switch to google hangouts, hoping that since it was web based it would be safer. But we seem to be running into the same issues. She is very busy, so I don't want to call her and potentially interrupt something. Plus, I feel very uncomfortable calling people/I don't think we are to that point yet. I wanted to wait until at least after our first date before I started calling her. Based on everything she has told me, it really doesn't seem like she is trying to blow me off and we have a date set up for next week.

The problem is, I have no clue what messages are and are not going through. She also takes a while to respond in general, so I don't want to send multiple texts for fear that I am just blowing up her phone and she just hasn't had time to respond. It's just been difficult, because I don't want this to end simply because our phones are sending the messages. I also don't know if she has been sending me messages that I haven't been getting. Any advice?


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  • Yep. Call her.


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