How to get restore a connection with someone?

So I had a falling out with a guy I met online. We didn’t talk for months. Well we just started talking again. I sort of took and inch and tried to make it a mile. I snapchat him everyday. Even sent nudes. He talks but he’s hot and cold.
He lives an hour away.
Currently I don’t have a car.
I do want to keep him around for later. I really have a feeling about him.
I do come on strong. I guess I just want things to be how they were with us.
He expressed he wants a girlfriend. He isn’t talking to anyone right now or dating anyone.
He wanted to see me for lunch but I work and I’m in school. And I am not driving right now. I feel bad about making him drive. I don't know. Advice?


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  • You do not have time for a boyfriend.

    • Eventually I will. I can make time.

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