Girl rejected me when I told her in front of her friends so I loved her so I popped her tires and put laxatives in her drink. Was I in the right?

I still can't believe she humiliated me like that.
Sorry for the spelling errors. Do not know how that happend.


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  • You were not in the right. What you did sounds childish. Like a kid throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way. Why did you tell her something so private in front of her friends anyways?


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  • Both of those are illegal, poisoning someone is a felony. You're a terrible person and she has no responsibility to accept your feelings. You are a selfish idiot

    • This was like 4 months ago she left the uni. How was that selfish what I did was the opposite.

    • Firstly, the statue of limitations on those acts is in the decades not months. Secondly you were selfish because you threw a tantrum that you got rejected, poisoned someone and vandalised their vehicle.

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  • lol the fuck kind of piece of shit are you.

  • Yes, how dare she rejects you.


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