My girlfriend was admitted into a psych ward, and I’m worried about her cheating?

We’ve had trust issues. She’s recently had an episode and is now spending three days into a psych ward. Apparently her roommate is a young blonde girl and my girlfriend is bisexual. They close the doors and there’s no surveillance in the rooms. I just have a very bad feeling and I don’t know if I’m going to be an asshole for asking her when she gets out or when I visit her tomorrow.


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  • Look... just wait have patience... ask yourself... are you completely madly in love with this person? Doubts are part of relationships... but when they get out of hand, they mess up with your mind taking your time and filling you up with negativity.. you need to understand if this is a toxic relationship or not. You have all rights to ask her what you want, but just be nice. Good day :)


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