Is this girl being petty on purpose?

so long story short i knew this girl for 8 months. In the beginning she was really into me. Always showing me affection. She told me she liked me to my face various times. Gave me random kisses on my cheeks, held my hand, always touching ne etc. She hintes at me to ask her out one night telling me she's single and started hugging me asking if i like her. I ended up telling her as a friend...

So i was really never the nicest to her. I never really texted her but I did treat her to dinners a few times. We had sex and messed around too. She went away to study abroad for a month. I didn't really reach out to her. When she got back we got dinner and i asked her to be my girlfriend. She rejected me. Telling me she sees me more as a friend and that she doesn't do friends with benefits.

couple days later she started texting me a lot. Fliring with me. She continued to touch me and all that. But now she's being cold once again. Shell go from texting me a lot to just going cold and taking forever to reply. Is hi


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  • You made some good moves judging by your context and if your goal is to get her and keep her you must continue like that and avoid mistakes. Don't spam her with messages and don't give a fuck if she takes forever to reply. You are a busy guy, you have stuff to take care about or maybe you have another ten girls that want to go out with you. Don't give her the impression that you obsess over her. When she is playful with you then do the same to her. If she is going cold again then fuck that. Just shoot her a message "Hey I hope you're ok. Thinking of you." If she then reaches out to you again then set a definite date and take her out.


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