Is Tinder bio point less?

So is a tinder bio really worth it? How do you decide if you like a guy or not just of a shortlist of stuff on his bio? What would you (the Girls) say would you appreciate a guy put in his bio?
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  • The bio is irrelevant, you'll hear girls saying it matters, but don't buy it. In order for someone to even read your bio, they're going to have to tap on your profile and they're not going to do that unless your pictures interest in them, at which point if they're already interested I highly doubt they're going to suddenly lose interest just because you don't have a bio.

    As they say pictures speak a thousand words, your best bet is to put some good, interesting pictures up. For example there's no point in putting some crap like 'I like playing Tennis' in your bio, it's boring, put up a photo of you playing tennis.

    The most a bio will do is possibly finalize someone's decision if they're on the fence based on your photos, but that could go either way, your bio might turn them off just as easily as it could turn them on. I know I've never swiped right on a girl based on her bio, but plenty of girl's bios have turned me off completely having previously found them attractive based on their photos.


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