What r things not to do and to do when your dating?

im in my first relationship and im trying to figure out what to do XD


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  • Here's one big thing I learned:
    No matter how frusterated or angry you feel, if you threaten a breakup, you cannot go back. I've been on both sides. If you are the one being threatened, you feel betrayed and you immediately lose trust in that person. They will remember that and it will be incredibly hard to get that back. So, thats why I will never, ever threaten to break up unless it is a do or die situation or that I know I am going to.

  • This is my personal take on it
    - take your time, don't rush
    - don't get clingy, trust me it ruins the relationship
    - establish trust
    - don't do childish/immature things when you two get into a fight (doing things that'll make him guilty/embarrassing him/etc.)
    - know your limits. I was on the same age as you when i got into my first relationship as well. You know very well that it's wrong when you two start kissing on the first week :Y i strongly believe it takes more time before you reach that intimate level
    - get to know each other well before doing other stoofs


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