Am I a weak person?

I was out with this girl im really really into with all her friends (11 or so friends). We were all at a dinner table (extended table). I guess i annoyed her friend because i started talking to all the girls trying to get to know them but it came off uncomfortable. So when i got to her friend she made fun of me in front of everyone. It was a quite pause lol. I understand that i came off uncomfortable and i should have slowed it down but im still so angry about her making fun of me in front of this girl im crushing on and i want payback errrrr. Am i a weak person for wanting payback on her? Its been like 4 months


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  • Leave this business alone. It doesn't work anyway. Karma will take care of it

    • Yea but am i weak. Sensitive would you want revenge?

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    • Why?

    • Because I don't think I will be able to take revenge on every other son of a gun in the world.
      The world is full of these kind of people.
      Instead of waiting this long you would have been better off saying something to her face right there and then

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