This guy looks past me or makes sure he’s in my line of vision but always look directly at me. Although sometimes I catch him looking what is it mean?

So this guy who I see around, I see his body go rigid when he sees me and my friends tell me he looks at me. Sometimes we have a moment and he just intensely looks at me but other times he just doesn’t look. Instead he will look right past me and I will check and there is nothing there. Or if he is sitting in front of me he will keep turning around and make sure that I can see him or something and he is in my line of vision. Or he will try to walk past me, but he doesn’t do anything- like I try to smile at him but he quickly looks away. Is he interested or not? My friends think he is but then I can’t even make eye contact at times!


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  • I think he is interest but may have little experience or is too shy to do the first step.

  • I think you over analyzing.


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