He only makes time for sex. Does he like?

We met while I was still with my kids father, note me and my kids father are not happy together we just stayed together for the kids. He has since found out about the other guy and we have split up for good. I’m moving out at the end of the month.

These are our messages

Me:I’ve realized you just see me as your fuck buddy. You are never going to make time to actually see me to spend time. You say because your kids but I know it not that hard to find someone to watch your kids. It’s not like they are small like mine are. It’s been 23 days since I last saw you and I feel like I’m the only one initiating this trying to see you. I don’t like these head games. So if thats what you want then we can be just fuck buddys that way I can tell myself it’s nothing more so I won’t get all these stupid feelings for you. I talked to a friend and she always tells me like it is. Sorry just need to vent and let you know.

Him:I've had a very hard shift and I have not slept. You can't do shit unless it's in a few hour time limit because you can't get away from your man you livewith. The last thing i need to hear right now is you bitching at me and acting like you know wth i think or feel. I don't need this shit

Me:We are not together he’s been going out on dates with girls and we talked and he’s letting me leave when I want. I told you I’m moving out this month but it doesn’t matter anyways you will always have an excuse. I’m not bitching I’m just telling you how I feel. Sorry if you see it differently.

Does he even like me this is not the first time I have brought this up to him in the past he just says we will figure something out when is a good time for both of us to hang out a but we never do. He never texted me first I have to start the conversation.


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  • That's terrible. Why do you behave like that? Let the man make his money and his career while you back him up. Geez you totally f.. cked it up when u cheated on him. Just leave his life swiftly and quietly, let him find someone he deserves.

    • This is the new guy I’m texting

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    • He beats on me and cheated on me the whole time we were together I’m sorry if I want out even if it’s not my kids happiness I tried to do it for them and I can’t anymore.

    • Then why didn't you leave him once you'd found out? Now it's quite crazy to ask questions about the new guy. In any case make sure you're OK and the kids are OK then go after a new boyfriend. And you're not in the best position, with kids, so don't push on the new boyfriend, try to be nice with him. Also keep in mind that he is not your ex and may be completely different and a holy person in general. I hope you'll find your family.

  • He likes sex... And he has Noone in his life to have sex except you


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