Why do I try to change guys I date and when they do change themselves for me it's not enough and I just end up breaking it off?

The guys will be really nice good guys. They willingly change and they really want to be with me. But it's never good enough for me and I just end up ending it with them. Especially after they bent over backwards for me I end up just getting annoyed by them in general. I feel bad when i do this. Why do I keep doing that? I want to change myself and stop this.


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  • I think you consider yourself in an utopia. You feel that guys who change themselves for you are subservient to you. I can associate you to a narcissist. Please stop thinking too high of yourself. Respect men, some are really nice and deserve to be loved

  • Cuz you lose respect for them. Stop trying to change them or just stop dating.


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