We sexted and shared nudes but I really like him and would like to get to know him more. How do I get him to see me as a potential partner?

we had spoken for a while and agreed to meet up twice but the plans where never followed through by either of us, we both sexted and sent nudes to each other but there was an issue with a mutual friend of ours is my classmate and I admittedly to him that i shown her and a few others his nudes/ a video he sent of him climaxing. he got mad and blocked me everywhere, two days later i got a friend to text him apologising on behalf of me and he has now forgiven me, and we spoke a little he asked how I was doing etc and shown interest in my life, college, what I do as a job etc. I have ignored him now because I believe if he likes me he should chase me. is it clear he will always just see me as someone to sext and maybe hook up at most but nothing more?


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  • Believing that everyone in life that likes you is going to chase after you in unrealistic. There's nothing wrong with taking a risk and making the first move if you really believe that you have feelings for someone. Communicate what you want out of your relationship with him (whether the be dating or not) and in turn he will most likely do the same. :)

  • First you show his private stuff to the entire class and now you want him to chase you instead. Good luck


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