Is inexperience the biggest deal breaker?

So I’m not completely inexperienced. I’ve had my fair share of dating and I’m not a Virgin, but I’m getting closer to 30 and I’ve still never had a proper relationship. I’d either get ghosted a lot or the ones that were into me, I wasn’t into. I also don’t care to settle.

It doesn't keep me from trying and I definitely don’t advertise it or dwell on it.

My only concern is would it be a deal breaker as it’d be expected of me at this point?


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  • No, your girlfriend can teach you. Or you can both learn from each other.


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  • For girls yes. But it kills me how when there nit confident its like, take her in anyway. Byt small number of them dont mind it.

    • That’s not too promising to hear. But then again, 98% of the women I’ve dated never asked about experience and past relationships.

      What do you mean by “nit confident“?

    • Not* sorry.

      Its like girls like guys that are confident and has experience in bed. But if they dont have any or not confident then its like guys either accept it or just try to be compatible.

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  • Learn together

  • Seems to be common among Millennials

    • What seems to be common along millenials?

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