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I’ve been dating a guy for 6 months. Due to a job change, I suppose, I have talked to him less and seen him less. Like once a month of seeing him & replies to texts can take as long as a week. He once took me by surprise but helping me away from a situation. I’m doing so, I liked him more. Asked him to be my boyfriend by phone and he decided that was a convo for I person. Waiting a long time to say anything again. I asked and found out he didn’t want to let anyone in and he wasn’t ready. I said good bye for real and came back weeks later. Once I slept over he was gonna leave me an apt key, didn’t cause I had work before him, next time he didn’t & told me to leave it unlocked left me a text saying I looked comfortable and he didn’t want to wake me up, now I have a key and got a different morning text this one said he’s sorry for not saying good bye and told me about the key. Now it’s been a couple weeks, still talking very little & haven’t seen each again yet, still have the key, I don't know what the deal is?


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