Do I apologize or not mention it?

A year ago I moved to a new town and friends encouraged me to try online dating, so I did. I met 1 guy that was different from everyone that was in my area. I also received a ton of messages, some were not asked for pictures and 1 guy turned into a creep/stalker. This 1 guy that I was interested in exchanged a few messages with me. However, I deleted my account after this creep started really bothering me and I decided I would never meet some guy from online (I have a daughter and high standards).
A few weeks ago, I was in church and the nice guy I was interested in walked in. Now we volunteer every weekend together, so I am kind of not sure if I should apologize for the way things went. I never thought I would run into someone from a dating app in my real life, and I actually want to apologize for not responding to his last message and just deleting my account. It was just too much, not with him though. So do I apologize or do I not even mention it?
I am not trying to make him interested in me, but just feel bad because that is not me. I also want him to know what happened had nothing to do with him. So what would you do if you were in my shoes? Thank you for any advice.


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  • I wouldn't apologize. What I would do is go up to him when you guys are volunteering or on break and say, "hey I know this sounds crazy, but I swear I know you from somewhere... did we talk online?". When he says, yeah or I think so. Then you can say, "yeah, I remember you now. Im not on the app anymore because there were some really creepy guys after me".
    Thus way you're not apologizing, you're giving him a reason as to why you got rid of your account and hopefully his masculine instincts kick in and wants to protect you from the really creepy guys.
    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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