How do I respond to guys online who expect me to make a long trip to go meet them?

They'll say something like "Come to xyz city" or "Let me know when you're in xyz".

Even after I tell them that I am in no position to travel hours away, they have the audacity to ask why, yet don't even offer to make the trip themselves or to meet halfway. Are people really that lazy and entitled nowadays? What would be the best response to that?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't think you should even bother responding to them if they have that attitude

    • It's just so many of them. As a traditional girl, if I were a guy, I would be the one offering to make a trip. Why do guys expect me to go see them?

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    • Why don't they though? Is it a laziness and entitlement thing?

    • I'm not sure, it sounds like they are being lazy. But if they are acting like that then maybe they're not worth it. Have a think and see if you think they are actually kind and good enough for you

  • If I'm asking someone to visit me I'll at least go halves on airfare Sheesh.

    • Exactly. Why do guys want me to make the trip? wtf?

    • Well I probably would invite someone because I'm to busy with work to travel. But like then I'd at least help out.

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't even reply. But if you really want to meet the guy, ask him to meet you half way

    • why do guys have the audacity to do that though?

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