Girls, Why is she insisting on being my friend?

So long story short I went out on a few dates with this girl we don't have a friendship history she told me at some point she wanted to see her options and date other guys i told her its fine. that was two weeks ago I asked her today if she wanted to grab a bite to eat and she said that she was seeing someone and I told her that's fine then she asked if i want to be friends? I told her im not interested in friendship and that i just want a relationship; anyway she kept going on and on and blowing up my phone cuz i said no. i told her i dont do that plus i dont have much time so the little time i want to invest will probably be with a girl im dating anyway she keeps saying talk to you soon lol im just not responding. so what ya girls think whats up?


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  • She probably still wants to keep you as a second option, unless you two really click and she enjoys your company she does want to keep you around?
    Honestly you're making the right move and not respond if you are not looking for a friendship.

    • thanks i know i am. i told her it's either now or never.

    • thats good to draw the line, hope you find girl who puts you first and not an option :)

  • I'd just move on. there's more women out there who are willing to take things to the next level.


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