What's More Important When It Comes To Dating?

  • Their Humor
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  • Their Faith
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  • Their Looks
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  • Their Career/Goals
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  • Their Money
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  • Their Hobbies
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Their humor if to people connect generally everything else falls into place. generally i say. I didn't say looks because for 2 people to date generally there has to be initial attraction to begin with. but what stats out as small can grow

    • I agree! I love making people laugh nd to laugh myself i just feel more comfortable anyways.

  • I said career goals but I definitely like a woman with a sense of humor but she also has to have intelligence and looks I'm not a shallow person but you can't look like a beast either. What's more important to you


Most Helpful Girls

  • It not about how my man looks
    It not about how much money he has.
    It not about where he lives
    It not about there hobbies

    This Is what it is about :
    What his job is
    What his religion is
    How he will treat his woman
    Does he cheat?
    Does he lie?
    Does he steal?
    And we have to have at least 1 or 2 things in common

  • Their looks obviously. I can't date a guy who's ugly


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