Boyfriend looking at other females?

My boyfriend can’t seem to not look at other females when we are out. Not staring but glances and side eye looks. It’s been happening a lot recently and I cannot stand it and it makes me not want to go anywhere with him where other people are. He literally turned around in his chair three times at a restaurant and the only people behind us were a girl and her boyfriend but her boyfriend had his back to us. He completely denied that’s what he was doing but what else would he have been looking at? Same at bats where he keeps stealing glances at females like the bart tender we had who was very attractive. I realize all guys look but why can’t men practice self control esp with me around. It also makes me question how he acts around females when I’m not there. Help!


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  • If you walk past a shoe department in a department store, do you look at the shoes on display? Does that mean that you want to stop and buy a pair of shoes?

    • We are talking about people. Live real woman not shoes. It is not the same.

    • Of course it is different. But the same principles apply, it's the same motivations.

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  • The concept of loyalty in relationships (friendships, work, romantic whatever) is absolutely dying in American culture. What your boyfriend is doing is wrong, rude and inconsiderate-- there is no denying that. For the guys posting on here acting like it's no big deal, I wonder how they'd feel if their girls were salivating over every hot guy on the street.

    Fact of the matter is, guys these days have less and less incentive to be loyal because they can get a steady supply of sex from just about anywhere. Unfortunately, most guys raised in this toxic culture will do what he's doing. Either he is doing it on purpose to
    1) trigger you to break up with him, bc he's cheating/ not feeling the relationship and doesn't have the balls to do it himself
    2) he's a douche

    You need to decide for yourself if the benefits of the relationship outweight this annoying habit, but realize many guys are unfortunately like this


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  • "It doesn't matter where your husband gets his appetite as long as he eats at home." - Old Italian Housewive's Proverb.

    • But it makes me look like an idiot to the other female and people around us. He’s with me but looking repeatedly at the same female who I’m sure notices cause GIRLS always notice.

    • Feel free to be upset, but don't go ballistic about it. As long as he is not a douchebag about it, let him be a man. We look. Accept it. That doesn't mean we act on it. What does matter is how much of a douche he can be depending on how/where/and who he is with.

    • In other words, what you wrote - practicing discreetness and self-control.

  • If this bothers you find a different man. There are those out there who will be infatuated with you. Find one of them

  • There's a girl on here, with a boyfriend, who's flirting with me


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  • He is cheating on u
    He doesn't love u
    He is not completely satisfied


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