Why is she ignoring me? This literally makes no sense?

So, I met this girl 5 years ago. We talked for a while, fought and stopped being friends for a year. This happened multiple times. Lately, we agreed that if a fight happens, we can't end a friendship. So for a few months, she'd call and talk to me about her problems, but a few weeks ago, she called me (while drunk), and told me that she has some strong feelings and I told her that I did as well. The next day, she apologized and that she was drunk. I said it was fine. We had made plans to hangout that weekend. When I showed up, she acted surprised (it's a 4 hour drive from my house), like I wouldn't show up. Immediately, she introduced me to her friends and they all kind of pushed me off and cliqued off into their own thing. She then texted me from across the room and asked me to leave in an hour. I said that it was fine. After I got home, I told her that it was great to see her and I'd really like to hangout longer next time. She then left me on read. I figured it was nothing much. The next day, she left me on read again. For weeks, she's been leaving me on read. She puts my calls to voicemail and ignore my texts. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I can't figure out what happened. Any ideas?


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