Should I tell him what I really think or just let it be? PLEASE HELP?

I was seeing a guy for 3 months. The last time we saw each other we just stopped talking. OUT OF NOWHERE. He didn't write me, I didn't write him. He was still on my mind but I just assumed he must not be interested anymore.
MONTHS and MONTHS later he wrote me trying to see me WHILE having a brand new girlfriend. I didn't answer because it didn't come with any explanation of why we lost contact AND because I know he has a girlfriend now. The next day he wrote me again asking me why I didn't answer him. I didn't reply because I convinced myself I need to move on and let it be.
Months later again he writes me asking if I will ever talk to him again...
Should I be honest and tell him I felt hurt that he made no effort or does that just make me seem pathetic? Guys, if you disappear and reappear doesn't that mean you really just didn't care that much and now you are just looking for a little ego boost and by me expressing my feelings of being hurt I just fall right into the trap?


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  • You can't get upset with someone you're not dating about how much time they spend with you. I'd say talk to him and just make fun of him about being flakey if it bothered you. If you make it about a specific instance you can't move forward.


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