Guys, Is he playing hard to get or doesn't like me anymore?

I've talked to this guy for so long and we both liked each other but then he had told me that I sound really down for a relationship and he isn't ready to be in one again cuz he just got out of a 3 year relationship with his ex. And then I told him I understood and we agreed we could be just friends. After that we stopped talking on messages and he stopped snapping me too. I haven't texted him first ever since that day. I started to worry that he might have lost interest in me but then a week after he replied to my story I posted on insta wishing me a happy birthday and he was happy like he always was. After that i knew that he still likes me. BUT then I have posted two photos after a couple days and he hasn't liked any of them but other people's posts. And these posts were so good I got SO many comments and likes everyone was telling me I looked so good. He would usually like every post of mine. He also doesn't reply to my stories anymore like he doesn't even vote on the polls that I put. Like its just so all of a sudden he's not showing any signs of contact just keeps viewing my stories. It was after the happy birthday message he sent. Im thinking he either suddenly just doesn't like me anymore or maybe he is trying to play hard to get since I haven't texted him first. I don't think he would suddenly lose interest in me because I haven't done anything like I haven't even texted him first or even snapped him since he told me he isn't ready for a relationship that day like I have given him space. All we do at the moment is view each other's stories or posts on instagram and after his happy birthday message we haven't talked at all. What does this mean that he isn't liking my photos or replying to my stories anymore but views them so quickly. Could it be that he is playing hard to get so I could make a move? I don't know what do you guys think from a guy's point of view?


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  • Sounds like to me you’re his rebound. He seems to be keeping the flame going between you two but not too hot in case his ex comes crawling back. The fact that he can’t move on tells it all.

    • thnx for ur reply! oohhh thats true so you think that he is still is interested in me but is just trying not to show it to me so I dont get clingy to him again?

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    • He’s trying to hang on to you without making it official. People who do that are a waste of time. If I was in your position I wouldn’t wait around. I get that people need breaks after relationships but they shouldn’t be playing people at the same time.

    • oohhh yess I get what you mean and you are right. Thank youuu!

  • I think he to control the relationship it mean he reply when want. It will be better if you ask him

  • He might just be trying to not lead you on since he knows you have feelings. Just be friends with him to give him some time. He did say he needed some time after his last relationship

    • yesss true that!! since im posting he probably knows its to get his attention and he doesn't wanna show it. Do you think I should once message or snap or reply to his story? or will that push him away again?

    • You could try that. Just be friendly with him don't push him to much at first. I guess take it slow, that way he knows you are still interested but not pressuring him.

    • Best of luck. Best case scenario you get a relationship, worst case you make a new friend

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