Are there any guys here who will only marry a virgin?

I almost lost my virginity to this guy but didn't. and then one month later I started dating another guy who divourced his first wife on her wedding night because he discovered that she wasn't a virgin.


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  • To be honest I can't answer that. But I will say that if the guy loves the women enough than he'll wait. I was married once and at times perhaps for the wrong reasons. In this day in age we look to far out of the box, before we look inside. If it was me and I were in love with you, I would do anything to keep you. If that meant waiting than so be it.


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  • id still marry her.

    i would be shocked if she told me she was but wasn't but I wouldn't really care, it would be her as a person that I loved not her virginity


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  • wait he didn't ask her before they got married?if she was a virgin. sorry but that's stupid, plus she probably didn't know! hmm

    • She lied and told him she was a virgin so he married her, and then he discovered that she wasn't one... and divourced him for trying to secure a marriage under false pretenses.

    • How do you discover that exactly? lol Unless she told him straight up. Virgins don't always bleed their first time so that's not very reliable.

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