What was your first relationship like?

What was your first relationship like, was it sort lived or long lived that kinder thing.
Wow, some of those story's are sad. I hope that you are in better relationship then before.


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  • I was very innocent and I naive back then. I ended up getting into relationship who acted all nice, caring and sweet but later I found out- He was controlling, posssesive, had double standards, had temper issues, abusive, liar, and a cheat. He gave me nothing but problems and misery. Soooo, it was horrible, lol

  • It was really one sided and disappointing, because I was very immature and naive to know how I should be treated in a relationsjip

  • This is my first relationship I am still in my first relationship.

    • What? That makes no cents.

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    • Ohh sorry I missed read it. That's really sweet that the two of you are still together.

    • Oh it is ok don't worry about it
      Yeah well he saw me and my brothers first like a few years ago then he saved us from a car wreck. ( he helped us ) and so much more. And last year he asked me out.. I said yes ( but sadly this ain't his first relationship ) and durning our 3rd month I moved in with him.
      And we been together ever since August of 2017 and loved together Oct 2017

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