Why is this always the case with me?

How come every girl I find attractive never find me good looking? Seriously this happens all the time to me. Not once have I found a girl that I like find me good looking and no I don't have super high standards. I refuse to date someone that I am not sexually attracted to because let's be real what's the point. Every day throughout my day not once have I found one girl I like find me good looking so why is that?


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  • You have to filter yourself through the no's in order to reach the yes's.
    This not the case for you only. It's like for all of us. The majority of women will reject you. Besides this I don't think you're doing the right moves to attract the ones you like. You probably are shy or insecure or needy or something else that turns them off.

    • I just talk to the ones who look like a bitch which is a lot of them in my city.

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    • Lmao that's such a waste of time

    • Nope I have idea I'm oblivious really i am I'm so focused in front of me then what's around me

  • Your repellent?


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