Is it bad that I told an ex friend my feelings and thoughts on her actions and then ended it with mean things?

She led her ex boyfriend on by saying she’d date him if he works on himself and began to date the guy she denied flirting with while she was in a relationship with the last guy, came to me for advice, asked to throw a party at my place, and then cut me out of her life without talking to me after saying she’d cut people who are toxic out.

I've been told I’m positive, and neutral with people and drama so I’ve always been a good friend to others.

Usually i I don’t do this but I decided through her friend to express my thoughts, that is I told her I was hurt by her cutting me off without trying to communicate with me how I was negative towards her and coming from someone who cares, she probably shouldn’t lead people on cause she’s caused pain over it. I told her a friend would communicate better, not shut you out, and she shouldn’t go around saying her “friends” (she told me this too) could do better in a relationship when here happy, and there isn’t a serious issue lying ahead for the couple that will cause harm.

I emded it with me saying she could kiss my ass for saying things about my boyfriend and I and she had a big forehead and she was so righteous for someone who did wrong. I admitted to her that part came from a foundation of hurt but I stand by it.

Iwas that bad?


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  • You told her exactly how you feel, that isn't wrong because you expressed your emotions in a calculated way.
    Could you have handled it a little better? yes by being humble. It is important to respect why friends cut each other off, you just werent right for each other. Yes you got hurt, but thats life, try to understand how you were impacting on your friend that caused such a reaction.
    I will always stand by this, friends are expendible, family and bf/gfs are what you work on to sustain a long-term relationship.


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