My boyfriend has an ex they weren’t official they just had sex often and had a connection My friend is close to her and from what i know he always called her beautiful and stared at her a lot and supported her in situations. She also done a lot for him too. He told me she's a physco though and a crazy woman and that she got too attached after sex. I blame him though as he lead her on and even told her he had feelings for her. He also cheated on me with her before.

Anyway she always calls him, Although she stopped calling him now and left him alone. The problem which i am insecure about is he talks about her so much. He even messaged her best friend to be like ‘dont tell ( his ex ) about me and this girl’ he even messaged her best friend the other day saying ‘dont tell her where i live’ which i find so immature. He even told me that he knows her best friend will tell her what he says about her, so my question is why is he doing that, is he trying to get her to react or something? He actually went live on instagram and her best friend watched it and he started saying things about his ex to her he was like ‘wheres your crazy best friend’ and was like ‘she keeps calling down my phone she's crazy’ what annoys me is, my boyfriend KNOWS the best friend tells her all this so is he doing it to get her attention? She stopped bugging him and now its like he's purposely trying to annoy her and get a reaction. He even always talks about her and says ‘she let me have sex straight away’ he literally says it out the blue when we aren't even talking about her. He even told me that one time he purposely tried to get her mad by posting quotes on snapchat. We went out and as soon as he saw her he took his arm from around me? Does he secretly want her attention? I know he finds her beautiful, i heard him telling his friend that she's beautiful and 10/10 , he even said to me ‘shes pretty but she's crazy’ Whys he trying to make her react when he tells me he dosent care about her?


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  • It's really difficult to read all of this... sorry but halfway I lost it


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