How do I get along knowing I will never find love or a relationship?

I’m almost 33 and since the age of 20 I’ve been rejected by every girl I’ve asked out. (I’ve lost count) I’ve suffered all kinds of rejections polite, harsh and those maybes. It hurts because I hear stories all the time of how people meet and it never happens for me.

I’ve seen all my cousins and friends get married and I’m the only one that never seems to have any luck with women.

Do I get to grips with knowing that it will never happen and I’ll die single?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't be creepy, don't be too assuming I guess? Women hate those. And yeah, lower your standards. Dating apps, I met my boyfriend using that.


What Guys Said 2

  • there are steps that you can take to remedy your situation.

    1. dating apps/sites
    2. family and friend setups
    3. get out more
    4. lower your standards
    5. become more passionate about the things that you already love. true love is found in people who share interests. (i believe this is probably the greatest chance for success)

  • You're trying too hard you just starting to getting love yourself


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