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This is what im so pissed about well one of my closes friends was datting my ex during are realship i broke up with her and no tears no nothing 8 hours latter she's in love with my friend and then my friend said very hurt full things to my face so i was ultimately betrayed my friend and my ex been seeing echother for 4 months they told me behide my back what makes me very dispointed she had 4 months to tell me i give everything for her and in return she was not loyal i even took her back after she cheated on me she will never find someone as good as me im one of a kind. My friend told me im sorry it just happened. To me where u sorry seeing my girl when i was with her for 4 months lying to my face and the same goes for her she had 4 months to tell me. They said we did not tell u Becouse we did not want u to get mad. Anyone in that situation would of been pissed of i was with her for over a year i loved her but i had feeling she was up to something awhile back so i ended it but to feel used and lied to for months it hurts a lot and the fact is she won't talk to me shows me she never cared Remmber lying gets u no where in life and if she's reading this i did not mess up u did u made the choice to see people behid my back.


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  • It's okay bro. You'll find someone better. I feel your pain.


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